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Tensor Capabilities

The Structural Steel industry is changing rapidly. Traditionally, fabrication shops relied on detailers to make shop drawings that were used to perform manual operations of cutting, drilling and bending steel. Shops used manual labor using tape measures and soap stone to layout and fabricate steel. While some shops employ these methods, the majority today rely on CNC (Computer-Numerically-Controlled) machines to make components and the data that Tensor provides to precisely program them.

Tensor sits at the industry’s roundtables that shape emerging technologies.

Our reputation and input helps our industry initiatives push software development through 3-D modeling and BIM (Building Information Modeling). The Federal government advocates the modernization of the bridge industry through FHWA grants and pilot projects to define and develop BrIM (Bridge Information Modeling) for construction and for life-cycle management of bridges. Tensor has been involved in the national committees working on software definitions. The 3D modeling software allows for secondary technologies like Virtual Reality and robotic welders.


At Tensor Engineering, we are structural steel detailers that…

  • Make detailed plans of steel bridges that were designed by professional engineering firms. The proprietary software Tensor uses specialized software that was designed “in house” to create coordinate geometry models and to generate associated shop drawings. The software is key to the success of the company as it helps us deliver accurate work faster than our competition.
  • Generate fabrication details and plans used to make each piece of steel, and assembly drawings that show their shop how to weld, bolt, bend and geometrically control each steel element.
  • Furnish CAD (computer aided design) data files that are used by automated burning and drilling machines to make each part.
  • Calculate and order material for an entire structure, including every bolt used in the field to assemble components. In short, we are the technical arm of steel fabrication shops.
  • Provide quality control (QC). Tensor has earned the reputation for providing clean, high-quality work. Every aspect of our work product is checked and verified before sending to our customers.

Evolving processes to be smarter, faster and more precise.

Tensor Engineering is unique in its ability to provide a design-to-fabrication solution for its customers. Utilizing entirely customizable software packages developed in-house, our skilled team of engineers, project managers, programmers, detailers, checkers and IT professionals have a proven track record of meeting customer’s needs:

  • State-of-the-art proprietary software & hardware systems
  • In-depth calculation and analysis of bridge geometry in cambered and final condition
  • Advanced algorithms to compute complex surfaces, lofted structures and parametric applications
  • Timely delivery of approved shop fabrication drawings and NC files
  • Design-build collaboration and consulting with designers, fabricators, erectors and NSBA
  • Three-dimensional solid model assembly and analysis of any structure
  • Highly accurate NC files to accommodate any system and equipment requirements