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Testimonials: “If Tensor can detail it, we can build it.”

That is the consensus of our clients at Tensor Engineering. We are proud of the quality work we do. So are our clients:

Jeff Ames
Jeff Ames
VP of operations, Tampa Steel
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Tensor Engineering has provided exemplary detailing and engineering support for over 30 years, to the Tampa Steel Erecting Company.  We have fabricated literally hundreds of bridges from Tensor’s shop drawings, computer numerically controlled programs, and 3-D models.  Stand out examples are:
• the 300 foot tall, 1200 foot long, octagonal shaped, twin arches of the Salvatore Calatrava designed, Margaret McDermott signature bridge, over the Trinity river, in Dallas, Tx
• the iconic Scioto River “Dublin Link” pedestrian bridge – with its 500 foot cable supported main span, winner of the 2022 National Steel Bridge Association Prize Bridge Award, and the only single tower S-shaped suspension bridge in the world
•. the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge ramp and platform, transforming the waterfront park in Louisville, Ky, with 1.5 million annual visitors – Tensor’s 3-D model was critical in guiding the sequence of fabrication in the compact, tightly curved twin box girder structure.
For the most complex projects, it is said, “If Tensor can detail it, we can build it”. 
Bryon Tait
Bryon Tait
President, Casco Bay Steel Structures
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“When it comes to detailing a complicated bridge project like the Sarah Long we put our confidence in Tensor Engineering.  The Tensor team consistently provides us with the best detail drawings possible, from simple spans to complicated tub girder and lift spans.  Their experienced team ensures that when it comes time for us to fabricate a bridge that they have worked through potential construction issues and delivered a product that meets our standard of excellence”
Kevin Bird
Kevin Bird
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Veritas Steel LLC
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“Veritas Steel is proud to have a very strong working relationship with Tensor Engineering.  Whether we are in need of advice, quick turnaround drawings, or detailing services for (Frederick Douglass in D.C., Merchants truss in St Louis as just a few) some of the most complex projects in the country, they are up to the challenge and handle our needs with class and always in a professional manner.  Bill and his staff continue to be the industry leader for steel bridges!”

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Published articles and releases about Tensor, Tensor’s people and Tensor’s projects:

Steel Industry Remembers Legendary Detailer Walter J. Gatti

CHICAGO – Walter J. Gatti, founder of Tensor Engineering, died April 25 after a brief illness. Gatti, 88, had boundless energy and a passion for the steel fabrication industry–so much so that he continued to work seven days a week until his recent illness. The American Institute of Steel Construction presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. Gatti discovered his passion for steel structures during

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tensor engineering awards


Dublin Link Pedestrian Bridge – 2022 Prize Bridge Award


New Sarah Mildred Long Bridge – 2020 Prize Bridge Award

Broadway Bridge over the Arkansas River – 2020 Prize Bridge Merit Award

Bascule Prize Bridge Award Links

Woodrow Wilson Bridge – NSBA 2009 PRIZE BRIDGE

Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge – 2000 Merit Award

Casco Bay Bridge – NSBA 2000 Prize Bridge Award


Sewalls Falls Bridge – 2018 Prize Bridge Award

Arch Bridge Award Links

Korean War Veteran’s Memorial Bridge (Gateway Arch over Cumberland River) – NSBA 2005 Prize Bridge Award

Main Street Bridge – NSBA 2012 Prize Bridge Award

Burro Creek Canyon – 2007 National Award

New Croton Dam Spillway Bridge – 2005 Prize Bridge Award

Box Girder Bridge Award Links

Storrow Drive Connector Bridge – NSBA 2001 Prize Bridge Award

Marquette Interchange Bridge – NSBA 2007 Merit Award

Raccoon Creek Bridge – NSBA 2007 National Award

U.S. Naval Academy Bridge – NSBA 1996 Prize Bridge Award

Garden State Parkway Interchange 159 – NSBA 2000 Merit Award

Lowry Avenue Bridge over the Mississippi River 

Tudor Road Trail Crossing -1996 Prize Bridge Award

Cable Stayed Bridge Award Links

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge – NSBA 2003 National Award

Christopher S. Bond Bridge (KcICON)  – NSBA 2012 Merit Award

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge (New Cooper River Bridge) – NSBA 2005 Prize Bridge Award

Turtle Bay Cable Stay Bridge over the Sacramento River – NSBA 2005 Merit Award

Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge (Cape Girardeau Bridge) – NSBA 2005 Merit Award

William H. Natcher Bridge – 2003 Prize Bridge Award

Plate Girder Award Links

New Upper Perry Bridge–wb/

Fort Meigs Memorial Bridge

Avery-Muirfield Drive Bridge

Mudfork Bridge

DartMouth Bridge

I-15 Corridor Reconstruction

Truss Bridge Award Links

Gene Hartzell Memorial Bridge – NSBA 2003 Merit Award

Central Connecticut Railroad over Rt 66, 1998 Prize Bridge Award

Admiral T.J. Lopez Bridge (Chelyan River Truss), 1998 Merit Award

Coleman Bridge, Newport News, 1998 Prize Bridge Award