Detailing & Engineering Services

Trusted by the world’s largest fabricators as a one-stop shop for bridge engineering services and support.

Tensor Engineering:

From concept to build site supervision, Tensor Engineering provides design engineers, general contractors and fabricators a wide range of engineering services in design, constructability, conceptualizing and developing solutions for complex problems associated with major and complex civil engineering infrastructure projects.

Our detailers, checkers, modelers and engineers all work securely as a tight team from our headquarters on Florida’s Space Coast. We DO NOT outsource our services. All services are provided by experienced experts who are fanatical about maintaining our leadership in the industry and the longstanding relationships with our clients. We support each stage of steel bridge building:

Tenor's Engineering Services

1. Preconstruction Design, Detailing & Drafting

Tensor Engineering is trusted by design engineers and contractors across the nation to provide the finest bridge detailing available. The Tensor experts delivers clients high quality fabrication shop drawings, detailed constructability assessments, and accurate BIM models with geometry calculations. Tensor’s in-depth analysis helps to avoid costly missteps and keep projects on time and on budget.

2. Fabrication Management & Support

For more than half a century, Tensor Engineering has supported the largest most respected fabricators in the U.S. with seamless collaboration for fabrication shop drawings and data. Our digital drafting systems interface efficiently with computer guided fabrication tools for greater accuracy and reduced waste. We provide support throughout the fabrication process such as procedure troubleshooting.

3. On-Site Erection Support

Tensor’s multi-disciplinary experts provide on-site coordinate geometry to assist with dimensional control, surveying, and accurate fittings. We can troubleshoot complex access solutions, ensure tolerance verification and geometry control, and communicate BIM-Integrated data to on-site equipment.